Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daren Metropoulos Discusses the Big Three

History of the Big Three

The history of the Big Three impresses Daren Metropoulos for a big reason: the Big Three represents American industriousness at its best. The other reason why Daren Metropoulos is impressed by the Big Three is that he loves cars. Daren is an avid collector of classic cars, most of which were manufactured by the Big Three.

Beginning of the Big Three
The Big Three refers to the major car manufacturers—General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford—that are located in Detroit, Michigan.
The beginning of the automobile industry in American actually started long before the Big Three were formed. The earliest vehicles, in the 1890s, were inspired by the bicycle. However, it didn’t take long before inventors experimented with electric powered carriages and then motorized vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.
Automobile manufacturing grew from there but, surprisingly, the earliest automobiles were not produced in Detroit. Rather, most of the early automobile companies were located in New England. However, by 1905 the automobile industry switched to Detroit due to that city’s wealthy capitalists who were looking for investment opportunities. Another reason that Detroit became home to the Big Three is that Henry Ford was a Michigan native.
In fact, Henry Ford, along with Ransom Olds, founder of Olds Motor Company, were both from Michigan. These two men helped centralize the automotive industry in Detroit because they were so highly successful at producing cars. For instance, both men (and companies) focused on producing cars quickly so that they could keep the costs low. This resulted in more people being able to afford to buy automobiles. (Daren Metropoulos is particularly impressed that these early entrepreneurs saw the benefits of producing a quality product at an affordable price). In time, the Big Three were able to grow bigger than any other automobile manufacturers.
Daren Metropoulos is proud to have benefited from the power of the Big Three, because he now owns many of Detroit’s most classic cars, such as the Barracuda and the Corvette. 

Big Three Loses its Power
The Big Three dominated the American automobile industry with not much competition until the 1970s. In this decade, the oil embargo made energy efficient cars attractive to the American public. The big sedans of the Big Three were now out of favor with the car buying public, and Detroit could not easily start manufacturing small cars.
Another factor that played into their decline was the new EPA exhaust emission standards. Again, the Big Three would not easily adapt to these requirements.
In time, Japan began to dominate the American car industry. During the recession in 2008, General Motors and Chrysler filed bankruptcy so that they could reorganize their companies. Daren Metropoulos, however, has no doubt that this reorganization will allow them to come back stronger than ever. After all, what would America be without the Big Three? 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Old Style will be Back for 2012, 2013 Season at Wrigley Field
Good news, Chicago Cubs fans—you will be able to drink your favorite brew at Wrigley Field next season. Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Pabst Brewing Company, the parent company of Old Style, has helped to facilitate a deal with the Cubs.
This comes as a gigantic relief to Cubs fans. Not only has Old Style been served at Wrigley Field since 1950, but Old Style and Old Style Light are considered “Chicago’s brews.”
Daren Metropoulos is happy that Old Style will be back for the 2012, 2013 season. After all, baseball is an all American sport, and he has just recently become co-owner of an all-American Company.
Nothing pleases Daren Metropoulos and his brother Evan more than assuming this responsibility. They have been closely involved with their father’s other companies in the past. In fact, C. Dean credits his sons with being instrumental in improving sales for a number of them—such as International Home Foods and Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.  They look forward to bringing the same creativity and business acumen to this new venture.
Pabst Brewing Company is in need of their combined expertise. The 167-year-old company, still the largest privately owned brewery in America, has suffered flagging sales on some of their brews. (Besides their flagship brew, Pabst Blue Ribbon, PBC owns Schlitz, Colt 45, Old Milwaukee, and more, all of which have a deep history with American consumers) Daren Metropoulos and his brother Evan are well aware of the special place that Pabst Brewing Company holds in American’s hearts, and they are eager to restore PBC as America’s premier brewery.
One way that they are doing that is by keeping Old Style beer at Wrigley Field for its 62nd consecutive year. In exchange for increased advertising, the brothers have brokered a deal with the Chicago Cubs that will keep them in the forefront of Chicagoan’s minds. Not that they needed much help.
Old Style beer (which includes Old Style Light) has been a popular beverage among Chicagoans for the past 100 years. And with new kiosks at Wrigley and exciting new promotions at bars all across town there will be more opportunities than ever to enjoy an Old Style Beer in 2012 .
It’s good to know that Chicago Cub fans will not have to go without Old Style beer.  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daren Metropoulos - Snoop Dogg Colt 45 Photo Shoot


Daren Metropoulos Talks About The GABF

If you love beer, you’ll love the Great American Beer Festival.  This annual event, presented by the Brewer’s Association, has been going strong since 1982. The popularity of this festival is not hard to understand. After all, the beer tasting sessions that offers attendees the chance to sample more than 22,000 beers from 450 breweries—1 ounce from each—is reason enough to attend. But another reason for the popularity of the Great American Beer Festival is the competitive events among the brewers.

Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of the Pabst Brewing Company, couldn’t be prouder of his company’s standing in this competition. In fact, the Pabst Brewing Company recently won the 2011 Large Brewing Company of the Year Award along with several other awards. The Pabst Brewing Company has long been a favorite at the Great American Beer Festival. In fact, PBC has won more awards at this festival than has any other brewery.

This doesn’t surprise Daren Metropoulos, for PBC is been in business since 1844 and is a piece of American history.  The 167-year-old company is the largest privately owned brewing company in the United States.  It brews more than 30 different brands of beer including Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lone Star, Colt 45, Schlitz, and Old Milwaukee. 

In 2010, C. Dean Metropoulos, a private equity investor, purchased Pabst Brewing Company with his sons, Daren and Evan. Metropoulos & Company has invested in nearly 70 businesses, the majority of which has been consumer companies like Bumble Bee Tuna, Chef Boyardee, and Perrier-Jouet Champagne.

In the past, Daren Metropoulos and his brother had worked closely with their father in reviving such consumer brands as Ghirardelli Chocolate Co, Stella Foods, and others.

Not that Pabst Brewing Company needs much reviving. Its signature brew, Pabst Blue Ribbon, has experienced strong growth for many years. However, sales of some of the brands, such as Colt 45, had been steadily declining. This is one of the brands that Daren Metropoulos revived and updated, making it hip again for a new generation. This new brand of beer is called Blast by Colt 45, and it combines five different fruit flavors. Daren Metropoulos and his brother Evan even got rap legend Snoop Dogg to come aboard as a partner.

Blast is only the first of the planned updates on some of Pabst Brewing Company’s time worn brands. However, Daren is an experienced businessman who is sensitive to the loyal customers of Pabst Brewing Company. After all, he is now the owner of an iconic brand of beer that has been part of American culture since 1844.

More than anything else, Daren Metropoulos is honored to be at the helm of such a great American company and leading the way for its rebirth as one of the premiere American beer companies in the world. Indeed, he is eager to grow with a company that has never stopped growing—the Pabst Brewing Company.